intentionally crafted stories and transparent music production for disruptive indie artists.

* nice to see ya *

Imposter syndrome SUCKS no matter who you are, so let's do something about it.


Stop being overwhelmed, confused, and worthless by the music production process.

If you're an indie artist who -

  • doesn't know how to craft their sound.

  • doesn't know how to engage real listeners.

  • has a persistent & internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud".

  • feels phony and incompetent in their creative ability.


Then together we can -

  • build artist-development awareness - understand where you are, to know where you're going

  • craft your own custom artist framework - your goals and action plan laid out in front of you

  • develop modern song production for you - there are no curtains to peek behind when they are removed from the start

  • cancel out noise - beat imposter syndrome at its own game


Everybody deserves to tell their own story in a captivating way. 


I know how insignificant-feeling and crippling imposter syndrome can be. Together, we can intentionally develop your sound that will be worth sharing.


If you want me to produce you or are just thinking about it, then click below to apply.


work w/ ya' boy

~ the process ~

identify your goals

*goal-oriented agreement* 


You and your goals held accountable. 

custom action plan

*no cookie-cutter promise*


 Every sound is intentionally pieced-together to taste.

transparent sound-shaping

*music production transparency*


 Have your mix & hear it too. Every process clearly explained.

execute the roll-out

*magnetic story-telling*


Systematically built stories that drive magnetic engagement

clean marble
~ portfolio
not alonesax [prod//mix]
this is why we can't be friendsmeredith shock [prod//mix]
upside downgeena duffy [prod//mix]
trial runmeredith shock [prod//mix]
* nice to meet ya *

Whaddup, I'm Richard ~ I am an indie music producer based out of Nashville, Tennessee. 


I come from a world of punk rock ethos, DIY tendencies, & a belief in the independent artist, (+ their story). My career was born out of gear-stacked vans, cramped house-shows, booming drum-fills, and a craving for top-notch production; no matter what room you're in. I am happy to say, here we are πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ


I am an indie-pop music producer, who specializes in intentionally crafted stories and transparent music production for disruptive indie artists.


Rumble Room is my studio that drives the creative process forward for me and my artists. Every track that comes across my desk is sculpted from the head, heart, and hand of the artist. + everything can be done remotely with minimal gear (f- ya, right??)


My passion is tied to helping independent artists succeed and engaging in what makes you rumble.


If you want me to produce you or are just thinking about it, then click below to apply.

Richard was such an awesome producer and just a super cool guy to work with! He’s honest, hardworking, and extremely personable. He has a great ear too, I’m so excited to release the song we worked on! I highly recommend him for all of your producing and mixing needs.  - Meredith Shock


The Brand-New Release Cycle Cover.png

With the shift into this *new* music industry, artists are more responsible for their content than ever before. The problem is that no single way works to build a successful release for every artist. I want to help artists decode their release cycle. 


 I've built a resource for artists that I work with to tackle this head-on, and now I'm giving it out *for free*the brand-new release cycle is a framework that I have built for artists that want to be intentional and meaningful with their craft.


Download below, and get ready to crush your next release πŸ‘ŠπŸ»


the slapback indie show is the podcast for indie artists who want to create, grow, and sustain their artistic careers.

Weekly insight, strategies, and interviews for indie artists and bands navigating the new music industry.  

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Richard Carlson ~ indie-pop music producer