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If you're reading this then you are probably an indie artist of some kind & are probably overwhelmed with the lack of bite that your production has - possibly because you're also managing every other part of your artist career too. Welp, take a deep breath - it's all good. 


~love~ working with artists and bands who don't skimp on self-development and are passionate about their craft. 

Let me cut right to it -  I can help you if you;

  • - are overwhelmed by your to-do list, and want to systemize your craft & be more efficient

  • - get frustrated by production tactics and techniques because it stands in-between you and your song. 

  • - are ready and excited to add collaborators to your artistic process

  • - want someone to hold you accountable for your artistic growth.

If you fit ~any~ of those descriptions, then apply to work with me below.

Start with a plan 🗒(pre-production)

Knowing where your goals are, and how to get there are crucial for any release. I am adamant about being ~ intentional af ~ and that starts with pre-production. This will determine the steps, services needed, and the timeline for your project.

Hit the flow state 😎

(music production)

Now it's time to build. This is the real start of the creative process. I collaborate 1-on-1 with you to build that track out from voice memo to completed song. This process can include songwriting, arranging, producing, mixing, and mastering. You will be guided along the production project to make sure your project is refined. 

P.S. any project can be completed both remotely or in-person., no matter where you are in the world

Build to the release 🙌🏻

(transparent af)

The secret sauce is not in the session but in the connection. After all the parts are written, tracks are recorded, and the song sings - I will lay out my blueprint so you can keep connecting with what (& who) matters the most. 

pre-production planning

Send me your demo (voice memos are 👌🏻). All you need are chords and lyrics and we will build up the track from there. 


I will build on your demo with production tracks. All  the while we keep the ~vibe~ just right for the song. 

record vocals

Vocals will be recorded and then I will drop those files into the session - (fyi all of this can be done remotely too 👍🏻)


I will mix your song together to make each element of your song come alive. Mixing brings our plan full circle and turns your song into a tangible good.

release cycle roll-out

This is where you pack the punch. I will guide you through the release cycle process to make sure your art takes form and your audience is listening.

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